The development of enterprise export through the promotion of the innovative product brand Creative Craft Design

The aim of the project is to develop the export of the Applicant's company through the promotion of the Creative Craft Design brand, recognizable on foreign markets, the promotion of which will contribute to the promotion of the Polish economy. By participating in the Branżowy Program Promocji for the furniture industry and implementing the project, Applicant will contribute to the promotion of the Marka Polskiej Gospodarki program. As a result of implementing the project, Creative Craft Design innovative service for the furniture industry, based on its own R&D activities, will become recognizable in foreign markets which will increase the current level of the company’s export. The development of export and promotion on new foreign markets will result in strengthening the Applicant's competitive position, and thanks to access to high-level consultancy, the Applicant will receive support regarding the conclusion of trade agreements with foreign partners, which will contribute to his income growth.

The amount of co-financing of the project from the European Union: 834 870,00 PLN
Project value: 1 208 106,00 PLN